Information Systems Development & Management Services

Aligning IT Solutions with  Business Goals and Objectives

Not everyone can be an Information System or Technology expert. And, even those who are could benefit from consultation on the best technology (software, hardware, networking, or security) available to them. The fact that their information system solution is cost effective and can grow with the company doesn't hurt either. Subject matter experts with Robinson Information Consulting  & Contracting  can provide potential clients with additional support in the planning, selection, implementation, testing, and overall management of their imminent information systems solution purchase. While, at the same time, delivering the utmost in customer service.

RISCC MGMT, LLC is a private contracting and consulting firm that assists small businesses with little to no background or resources in information systems or technology in selecting, installing, and maintaining software systems that are best suited for their daily business functions. 

Project Management

The management of new or ongoing systems development projects is also covered by RISCC MGMT, LLC with valuable input from our consumers. Time, scope, cost, and risk management  practices are applied in order to provide the best quality information system products to our clients.

Portfolio Management

On a larger scale, RISCC MGMT, LLC also provides management of pending and planned investments, projects, and initiatives. As Information systems and technology is an ongoing and continually advancing phenomenon, it is important to build roadmaps for growth that effectively communicate the direction in which businesses intend to migrate.

Systems Development

RISCC MGMT, LLC removes the burden of planning, creating, testing, deploying, and maintaining information systems for small businesses. Systems Development ranges from software applications to hardware procurement to network installations.