RISCC MGMT's business philosophy is affordability, professionalism, expertise, efficiency, customer service and autonomy. While the general goal of RISCC MGMT, LLC is to assist small businesses who are just starting out with there technological needs, anyone is welcome to inquire about services. 


We aim to support any company no matter the size, affiliation, or level of expertise who requires assistance in selecting, developing, and implementing a new system or updating a current system that is suitable for their business process needs. Clients may be from the public, private sector, or government; part of a small business or a large corporation. 


IT Project & Portfolio Management

  • Strategic Planning & Research 

  • Systems Analysis & Design

    • Network Analysis & Architecture

  • Consulting for Software Developers

  • Database Creation & Management

  • Website Development

  • Software Engineering Management

  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support