RISCC MGMT, LLC is dedicated to providing the utmost in quality Information Systems and Technology Services.

Current Services Provided

Strategic Planning & Research

In order to align organizational business processes with technological advances, RISCC MGMT, LLC frequently evaluates a company’s atmosphere, goal-setting, and liability in order to identify short-term and long-term goals and measurements for success. By having plans in place, organizations are able to employ the most effective methodologies to implement their business objectives, accentuate its prominent qualities, develop in areas of weaknesses, and prepare for potential complexities.To add a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Website Design & Development

RISCC MGMT, LLC offers its clients creative, customized responsive web development options. Mobile ready websites, database applications for eCommerce, search engine optimization (SEO), web hosting, marketing, upgrades, and technical support are all features that can be expected when using our web design services. The level of control in which clients want to have over their website design, editing, etc., (i.e., hands on vs. hands off) is determined during the contractual phase. RISCC MGMT, LLC offers its clients creative, custom, and responsive web design and development options using the Wix Platform. The level of control and access with which clients desire to have for their website design, editing, etc., (i.e., hands on vs. hands off) is determined during the contractual phase. The level of customer input and interaction will always be 100% to ensure 100% satisfaction!

Services include:
Design Planning Consultation
Custom Desktop Web Design or Update
Mobile-Ready Websites
Database Application Integration
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Logo Design
Web Design Services
Social Media & Marketing
Website Hosting
Wix Account & Domain Setup
Wix Training
Technical Support See listing of web design packages here.

Social Media Management

Social Media Marketing is the use of social media platforms and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc., to promote a company's information, products, or services. This method increases the visibility of the company and allows them to reach even more of their target audiences. RISCC MGMT, LLC takes the stress off of emerging businesses by managing their social media outlets with daily, weekly, or monthly updates.

Database Creation & Management

Databease are an integral method in tracking business functions, performance, project success, human resources, finances, inventory and several other entities pertinent to the routine functions of any business. RISCC MGMT, LLC determines the most suitable design selection, programming, implementation, testing, management & support of database management systems based on the requirements of all stakeholders.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

RISCC MGMT, LLC offers maintenance and support of systems and websites created six days a week (closed on Sundays). This amenity ensures that customers get the most from their investment in our services. Packages are created based on the needs of the agency. Web design & development clients are provided a preset number of hours for design and development work per month. Additional hours are available at a discounted rate.

Planned Services (Coming Soon!)

Systems Analysis & Design

RISCC MGMT, LLC examines business situations with the intent of improvement through better procedures and methods. We focus on systems, processes, and technology to help shape organizations by improving performance and achieving objectives for profitability and growth. Information is collected from stakeholders to diagnose current problems and recommend improvements. This is based on the intelligence gathered about the agency and its functions, a new system design is proposed to replace or complement an existing system.

Network Analysis & Architecture

Employing the use of various Networking Standards Organizations used to create network communication models such as the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) Model which is the most commonly used. This model is used to determine appropriate network hardware and connectivity methods, build wireless networks, and to establish multicasting techniques, network operating systems, security measurements, and offer troubleshooting & support that is most appropriate for the different types of systems to be built for our multitude of clients.​

Software Engineering Management

Works through the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) systematically to thoroughly study business process requirements applying engineering principles in order to install new, or update existing, software. Utilizing embedded software or other high-stakes applications, the end result is a packaged software or customized system that meets the client's business goals, objectives, and functions.

Consulting for Software Developers

RISCC MGMT, LLC imparts specialized insight on various software systems from development to implementation. Expert recommendations are vital in assisting clients in identifying problems or potential projects; and, establishing appropriate programming and software tools. Consultation services are generally for agencies that are either considering purchasing a new software for their own business processes; or, are building new systems to cater to the business requirements of other entities.